Estel (estelofimladris) wrote in torchwoodsdcc,

SDCC08 Gathering News!

News at last!

There is 'rumored' to be a Torchwood panel on Thursday, July 24. John is said to be in attendance, and I'd imagine that Gareth will be as well. Who knows who else.

For those of you who don't know already, Gareth and John will be at the con over the weekend signing at a booth.

So, now its my turn. I want to try to set up a gathering of Torchwood fans on the day of the Torchwood panel. I know that days and times will change on the scheduled events until it is in stone. That said, I am going to run on the assumption that Thursday is our day until the schedule tells me otherwise.

I was thinking that this could be something very simple as Torchwood fans meetup at a location for a little while, bring fun Torchwood stuff, and just talk and whatever. It could be more elaborate, depending on what kind of help I can acquire.

I'm also going to begin to put a list together to see how many people we might be expecting, so if you're really interested, let me know and I'll add you!

For now, that is my plan. Any concerns, suggestions, or comments? Leave a comment!
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